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Trauma-informed Interviewing in a Marine Setting 

Our Trauma Informed Interviewing in a Marine Setting (TIMS®) model has been developed as a new and improved approach to interviewing and supporting crew members following a traumatic incident. By using the TIMS® approach, we can obtain information about the incident that is as complete, reliable and accurate as possible. 
The Trauma Informed Interviewing in a Marine Setting (TIMS®) model sits as part of our Crew Wellbeing Continuum, playing a crucial role in our innovative approach to mental health support. 
Seafaring involves its own unique set of everyday stresses. Seafarers need to be, and generally are, resilient in their daily lives, living and working for extended periods of time in safety-critical environments. When something goes wrong, however, that resilience can be severely tested. Unlike most shore-side occupations, seafarers can be both victim and first responder when a major casualty happens, making them particularly exposed to the risk of experiencing emotional distress as a result. Even what might be considered less serious events, such as “near misses” and incidents not involving personal injuries or major property & environmental damage, can reasonably lead to very high stress levels for some, in ways that are not always predictable. Depending on a number of different factors, some seafarers involved in critical incidents onboard can experience stronger adverse reactions, such as anxiety, sleeplessness, hypervigilance and changes in cognitive performance. 
In addition to “everyday” stresses and stress arising from the critical incident, seafarers may be subject to further stress by having to cope with operational matters in the immediate aftermath of the critical incident. This layering of stress and trauma can be further heightened by the stress of investigation and interview and attendant anxieties and uncertainty over the process and possible outcomes for the individuals concerned. 
TIMS® uses a detailed investigative interview structure that can be used and adapted for any investigative interview, whether conducted in person or remotely. This approach enables better and more reliable recall and minimises the possibility of additional stress for the interviewee. It provides an opportunity to decelerate the interviewees’ emotions and space to process their thoughts. This helps to restore their cognitive functioning, which helps them to provide complete, accurate and reliable information and evidence. 
Our TIMS® model complies with and exceeds the recommendations regarding witness interviewing in the ICC Commission’s report on accuracy of fact witness memory and is compliant with the Statement of Best Practice forming part of the English Business & Property Courts’ Practice Direction (PD57AC) on Witness Evidence at Trial. 

Why TIMS®? 

By creating more conducive conditions for the interviewee to express themselves, a trauma-informed investigative interview facilitates better recall of factual information. The TIMS® model also provides a pathway towards recovery from the stressful event that can be tailored to their individual needs. 
Using the TIMS® model has many benefits alongside improving the wellbeing of your crew, including: 
Better crew retention, loyalty and employer reputation 
Clear demonstration of the company’s commitment to crew welfare and casualty management planning 
Rapid assessment to be carried out in a short time frame 
Lower claims exposure due to improved information 
Comprehensive education and guidance on the psychological impacts of incidents 
Protection or mitigation from adverse issues under employment contracts 
Managed interview costs 

Discover the full list of benefits 

Choose the path to well-structured ongoing support 

The Recall Recover team is here to answer any queries you have about TIMS®. If you’re interested in using the TIMS™ model, please contact us at contact@recallrecover.com or call us on +44 15 17 06 03 04 
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