Psychological wellbeing for the whole crew 

Crew Wellbeing Continuum 

The availability of ongoing wellbeing support for crew members and colleagues is crucial after a traumatic incident. When unrecognised and unsupported, the effects of a traumatic incident can last - with implications for mental health, crew-wide safety and efficiency at sea. 
Our Crew Wellbeing Continuum (CWC) ensures that individual’s needs are recognised and managed as part of a recovery process. 
The Trauma Informed Interviewing a Marine Setting (TIMS®) model sits within our Crew Wellbeing Continuum, playing a crucial role in our innovative approach to mental health support. 

 The Recall Recover Crew Wellbeing Continuum: 




Prepare: Our partners in Seaways Psychology can provide training courses for crew and shoreside aimed at developing trauma awareness, resilience and readiness to respond in the event of an incident aboard or ashore. The award-winning app Power to Respond™ from KRTS International . 
Respond: Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM). A range of highly-structured, effective psychological first aid education and responses provided immediately following an incident – online, onboard, or onshore, by expert trained trauma practitioners. Our support post-casualty begins immediately. We provide written guidance to all those onboard, including information on human reactions to sudden, unexpected change and self-care. 
Recover: Professional psychological support, digital trauma solutions and formal therapies for those with continued psychological distress. Ongoing consultation with master and shoreside to support the recovery of crew and the return to normal operations. 

Why CWC? 

Professional input from a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and expert trauma therapists 
The need for psychological assessment and possible intervention can be more quickly identified and acted upon in those crew most impacted by a casualty or major marine incident 
Helps companies to demonstrate their real commitment to crew and staff mental health and wellbeing 
Fosters positive relationships within crew and teams, as well as between company and those onboard 
Supports a safer return to operations for individuals and crews in the shortest of times 

Learn more about the benefits of our CWC 

Support your crews during the most challenging of times. 

Want to learn more about how we can support your colleagues with their wellbeing post-incident? Contact Recall Recover at or call us on +44 15 17 06 03 04 
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