Excellence in Marine Investigation through supporting those who have witnessed incidents at sea 

What we do 

Recall Recover’s innovative model of investigative interviewing and crew wellbeing support combines proven interviewing techniques with research-based knowledge of human responses to stress and trauma. 
Our services have been carefully developed to be considerate and effective for all involved. We take into account that each person's responses and experiences in the aftermath of a stressful event will be different, using an empathetic (“empathic”and evidence-based approach to working with people who have witnessed a critical incident. 
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How we work 

A TIMS® Investigator and a Clinical Psychologist will work together with you to establish what the people involved in the incident need. In most cases, the TIMS® Investigator will initially attend on-site (or remotely if physical attendance is not possible) with the Clinical Psychologist available to provide wellbeing guidance and input when required. 
The TIMS® Investigator will conduct one-on-one interviews with key witnesses and, with input and direction from the Clinical Psychologist, lead any group sessions aimed at providing psychological first aid and coping strategies to the crew. 
Our team will identify any need for more structured wellbeing and psychological support to be provided through our Crew Wellbeing Continuum. We always seek pre-approval for every aspect of the investigation and wellbeing support process. 
Where necessary and by prior agreement, we may deploy a Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team consisting of 2 Clinical Psychologists to the site or nearest safe location to support individuals and groups affected by a traumatic incident. 

Key features 

Delivers more complete and better quality information and evidence from crew interviewees 
Actively supports crew wellbeing post-casualty 
Provides support and guidance for all crew and a pathway for ongoing, more structured psychological support where required 
Uses TIMS® investigators trained in awareness of human trauma responses and how to take these into account to offer first line basic stress management strategies during interviews 
Utilises a unique TIMS® interview model developed for both in-person and remote interviewing and which can be delivered in either setting 
Enables rapid assessment to be carried out on-line or in-person in a very short time frame 

Who is Recall Recover for? 

Shipowners and operators 
Ship Managers 
Crew managers and agents 
P&I Clubs and other liability insurers 
Law firms 


Better crew retention, loyalty and employer reputation in seafarers’ networks 
Clear demonstration of the company’s commitment to crew welfare and casualty management planning 
Lower claims exposure due to improved information provision at interview and less likelihood of claims for trauma and psychological injury arising out of a casualty 
Prevention and early intervention around psychological difficulties 
Limit operational disruption and foster positive relationships between company and crew 
Faster identification of a need for psychological assessment 
Comprehensive education and guidance on the psychological impacts of incidents throughout the whole crew 
Opportunities for lessons learned through recommendations and advice by qualified clinical psychologists 
Protection or mitigation from adverse issues under employment contracts 
Managed interview costs, with psychological assessment and interventions charged at investigation rates based on usage 
Continued care where required, with post-investigation monitoring and therapy from experts in crew care 
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Provide the best support possible 

Recall Recover can aid your crew on their path to recovery. If you have any questions about our services, please reach out to us at or call us on +44 15 17 06 03 04 
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